More Maker Days Coming This December!

I’m ridiculously happy and proud about last month’s Maker Day Camps at The Grove. They were so much fun, that I’m planning three new days of similar activities: December 27-29. This will be a pay-by-the day program, so it can hopefully work into your post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Day plans. The details/tickets for sale are listed here.

If you can’t make it, consider the January Camp, or simply check out some great pics (below) from the Thanksgiving week. Many thanks to the families who signed up for those days and for the upcoming December 19 Code Camp. It’s sold out, and I can’t wait for you to see the fun program I have planned. I’m grateful for all of you. ~Mess



These guys made some wacky machines…
So many girls this Fall!
So many girls this Fall!
The creations were practical and whimsical.
Saws and Circuits and Soldering Were Encouraged!

Some of the projects from Thanksgiving included: flat/paper circuits, experimenting with voltage, sewing and making circuits in fabric with conductive thread, repairing old toys using soldering and replacement of broken parts, and robots driven by rotary motors.

Check out some videos from camp on our Instagram Account or Facebook Videos Page. The projects featured will still be an option for the December days, and we will have four brand new projects, too. It’s perfectly okay to attend Maker Camp multiple times!

You can view all of the camp descriptions here.


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